Our children experience a fun and exciting time of praise, worship, and ministry of the word of God. Our mission is to assist parents by investing in the lives of their children, so that in God's timing, they will become fully-developing followers of Christ.


  • Bible-based & application oriented
  • Child-centered, creative, & fun
  • Safe & secure environment
  • Relational community of children & adults
  • Experience group life early

Sunday Services

Nursery - Under 3 Years

The nursery is a great environment for infants to have fun in. They are supplied with lots of activities. Listed are some of the activities in which infants engage in the nursery:

  • There are lots of colouring books and colouring sheets given to the infants which relate to Bible stories
  • The children make crafts, and sometimes take home art and crafts to finish throughout the week
  • There is a snack time for the children

There are many toys for the children to play with, such as mini-slides, fire trucks, cars, fort-blocks, and other small assorted toys.

Big Kidz - Ages 4 - 11

After the Offering, children ages 4 to 11 are dismissed from the main service to go to Big Kidz where they get to experience Christ in an exciting kid-centered way!

During Big Kidz, your child will experience:

Object Lessons

The Big Kidz teachers demonstrate object lessons that the children can relate to. These visual demonstrations of the Word of God make an eternal impression in children's minds!


Craft time is where your child's creativity runs wild! Children participate in making unique and creative crafts that relate to the Bible lesson of the day!

Memory Verse
The children are sent home with a Bible verse to memorize each week. They recite their verses to the Big Kidz teacher the following week to win prizes.

Children are provided with a nutritious snack every week in Big Kidz.

The children play various group games that get them on their feet and active during Big Kidz! These games usually enforce the main Bible point of the day and encourage teamwork while emphasizing FUN!

Kidz Club - Tuesday After School Program

After School Program - Ages 3-12

The After School program is an outreach program located at 211 Marsellus Drive, Barrie. From 5- 6pm on Tuesday children explore the Word of God through games, Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, and prizes!